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Rolling Snow Plow Push Shovel with Adjustable Handle

  • $71.99
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This rolling hand-push snow forklift is a great help with snow piled up blocking your driveway and pavement. The special design allows you to push away snow to where is convenient for you and no need to duck down again and again bearing the overwhelming backache. The non-slip wheels make you clear up snow in this effective and effortlessly method safe and sound even on a slippery and wet surface. Easily installed feature and tender EVA cover on the handle to improve your user experience offering you a simple and pleasant way of removing snow.


  • Clear up snow by pushing away rather than shovel off more effortless
  • Easily to move snow pile up together and solve
  • Handle length is adjustable and no need to bent
  • Eva cover handle makes the pusher user-friendly
  • Anti-slip wheels ensure your security
  • Easily assembled with the attached manual
  • Tough blade guarantees long-lasting use
  • Adherent iron sheet protects the snow pusher better
  • Durable wheels ensure the stability of the snowplow on smooth ground
  • High capacity shovels help you dispose of a lot of snow at one time
  • The cushion design of the handle provides you with a comfortable feel

  • Dimension: 26" x 12.5" (L x W)
  • Wheel diameter: 6"
  • Adjustable height: 47"-51"
  • Net weight: 9 lbs


30 Day Warranty