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YITA Round Stewpot with Glass Cover

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This Yita cookware can be used on almost all cooking equipment in the kitchen including gas stovetops ovens broilers microwaves infrared ovens refrigerator freezer dishwasher sterilizer and more. Made in France this stewpot is made with durable material that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Made of glass that is the healthiest most environmentally friendly cooking material contains no chemicals and does not change consistency under any temperature. This will not affect the taste of your cooked food and won't absorb food odors.


  • Clear non-porous glass-ceramic material won't absorb food odors or flavors or react with acid-based foods
  • Incredibly durable even when exposed to sudden changes in temperature
  • Clear glass allows you to watch your food as it cooks
  • Safe for the dishwasher freezer microwave oven broiler stovetop & dining table
  • Made in France